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Our Origins

We are The Sliced Fruit Collective, an inclusive space for our Asian American community to dismantle our complicity in racism and contribute to an anti-racist dialogue.

During the pandemic and with the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black lives, allies all across social media rushed to spread news and realized their own complicity in systemic racism. Our founder Hedy Yu brought together a team of six others to create this learning project with the hopes of sparking uncomfortable but necessary conversations with our personal social circles, especially within our own Asian American friends and families. 



Learn about our organization's objectives and what we hope to accomplish as a collective.

Check out our hand-picked resources, curated and created just for you! 



Have you ever wondered what fruits make up the Sliced Fruit Collective? Let's take a look!


the fruits

Citrus Fruits
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