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Our Mission

We hope to extend our roots and share our fruits with you...

We are The Sliced Fruit Collective, an inclusive space for our Asian American* community to overcome anti-Blackness and our own intergenerational gaps while furthering our involvement in the fight for a more just society for all. With a vision to amplify personal narratives and to continue the legacy of existing social justice movements, we hope to challenge, empower, and motivate one another towards understanding and shaping an anti-racist world. Through curating a set of personalized and actionable resources, we strive to equip our community with knowledge and compassion to spark purposeful conversations that lead to sustained and intentional political education.

Pile of Oranges

*While we encourage allies of all backgrounds to engage with our resources, we want to preface that our team is entirely made up of Asian American to target complacency within the Asian American community. Sliced Fruit Collective serves to amplify Black voices and to raise awareness against anti-Blackness and racism. Our resources are definitely limited but are not exclusive to the experiences of Asian Americans. We hope you can build meaningful connections from our platform as we continue to grow our platform and expand on personalized resources for every Asian identity. 

Citrus Fruits
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